Driving Under the Influence of Cell Phones

A new survey shows a million and a half drivers are talking on cell phones at any given time.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the holiday season is especially not a good time to talk while behind the wheel.

FHP says cell phones are just one more distraction added to the dangers of holiday traveling. A government report shows the number of people on the road during the day using cell phones has gone up this year to 10 percent.

LT John Bagnardi with the Florida Highway Patrol says, "Cell phones are a huge issue, as are any other distractions while you're driving. It's a great concern for different people because people all react differently when they're distracted while driving."

FHP says it expects heavy traffic during Christmas and New Year's. Motorists are advised to pay attention on the roads, slow down, and use hands-free devices if it is necessary to talk on the phone while driving.