Talks of Gadsden Community Hospital Reopening

The interim CEO of the Gadsden Community Hospital says he is encouraged by meeting with county commissioners and the county manager to resolve the hospital's closure and license suspension due to several state violations.

Hospital administrators say they are working to voluntarily turn the license over to the county. The county will then initiate steps to reopen the hospital.

Ron Wolff, Interim CEO, says, "Now that we're taking, we all seem to have the same objective, which is to get this hospital reopened. There are a lot of people at stake. Not only the employees who lost their jobs, but also the citizens here who've been deprived health care for the last month and a half."

Wolff says they may have definite answers in a matter of days as to when the hospital will be up and running again. Hospital employees who were laid off have not gotten paychecks.