"Freedom Calls" Unite South Georgia Soldier With Family

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"Hey Parker, hey Parker, what are you doing?" says Marine SGT Michael Weaver of Norman Park through a TV screen.

SGT Weaver hasn't seen his nephew Parker since leaving for Iraq in July, but thanks to CNS Cable's Freedom Calls, on Tuesday SGT Weaver saw his nephew walk for the first time.

Ken Weaver, SGT Weaver's father, says, "It was good to see him, how he looks and see what kind of spirits he's in."

The "Freedom Calls" video conference connected SGT Weaver from a room in Camp Al-Asad in Iraq with his mother, sister, father and nephew in Moultrie's CNS office.

Kalea Weaver, SGT Weaver's mother, says, "It was just great and I think he looks great; he looks wonderful."

And while SGT Weaver provides his family with updates from the frontlines, father Ken Weaver says, "The election came off excellent. They were real proud of that. They feel like that war is winnable and they want to stay over there and do their job until it's finished and come home."

Monday's Freedom Call was all about a family reunited.

Mom Kalea Weaver says, "We don't have him for the holidays, but this is right up there with it. This is really good. This is wonderful."

Along with holiday wishes, the family also celebrated SGT Weaver's 27th birthday, which was last Saturday.

The "Freedom Calls" program is free. Contact your local CNS office for information on the program.