Georgia Home Heating Tax Break

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"Anything to save them a little money…"

Apparently that's a thought that crossed the mind of Gov. Sonny Perdue as well.

Monday, the governor announced another tax break intended to ease the pain of heating your home this winter.

Homeowner Barbara Porter says, "It's hard. Fortunately our winters are mild. I would hate if we ever had the winters like they do up north."

Even with the mild winters we have here in the south, you may notice an increase in your bills this year.

Propane manager Chris Carter says, “Propane is a by-product of natural gas, and of course, natural gas is extremely high."

The home heating tax break will reduce the amount of state sales tax you pay from four percent to two percent.

Customers who have to fill up their propane tanks at home aren't the only ones who will benefit from this tax break. Local business managers say it will help their business as well.

Carter says, "It kind of hurts us when the prices are so high, you know, people won't purchase propane like they would in a place where a heat pump wouldn't work as good."

With this reduction, on a bill of $150, a customer would save three dollars. Even though it's small, the governor hopes it does help end up helping.

Porter says, "I do appreciate it and I'm sure everybody else will as well because any savings to us is helpful."

This tax reduction will begin in January and go through March of 2006.