Crack Houses Busted

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A cocaine ring is busted in Leon County and it looks like it was just in the nick of time. Nine were arrested, including a 15-year-old.

The bust comes after a six-month undercover investigation. Narcotics detectives found thousands of dollars of cocaine along with cash and a gun.

The drugs were confiscated out of three homes on Hal's Circle, Darby Drive and Sand Road. The suspect living in the Hal's Circle home was cooking the drugs for the others to sell.

SGT Chris Chase with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "We served the search warrants right as they were beginning to re-up their supply for a long weekend, for the holiday season to be able to sell over a period of time, so we hit them right at the peak time when they were fixing to open back up for business."

The charges include armed trafficking of cocaine, possession with the intent to sell and numerous other drug charges.