LCSO Fraud Unit Part of International Network

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The Leon County Sheriff's Office is now better equipped to fight what's been called the crime of the century: financial crime.

Five of its six-member unit are now certified fraud examiners. The investigators went through an intense training course to join the international network of 16,000 fraud investigators. That means they now have more resources to investigate financial crimes.

Many of the cases they look into are not just local. The network allowed them to solve a recent case from Romania by teaming up with a CFE there.

SGT Steve Harrelson with the Leon County Sheriff's Office Fraud Unit says, "It also allows us to get information on new crimes that are occurring that may not have hit our area yet, but are hitting other areas, and so it allows us to prepare for this type of thing."

To remain a certified fraud examiner, the investigators will have to undergo annual training and certification.