FSU Police Chief Search Ending

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After months of searching we may be closer to having a new top cop at Florida State University's police department.

FSU's police department has been without a chief since August. That's when former Chief Carey Drayton stepped down amid a paternity lawsuit. Now, who will fill his shoes remains a mystery.

FSU Police OFC Justin Woodall says, "It would be nice to have a chief and I know they are working on that, but business continues day to day. Our job is to continue to protect and serve the public, and that's what we have to do."

FSU LT James Russell says the department has run smoothly over the past few months.

"At the FSU PD, in our normal setup, we have a chief, an associate and as assistant chief. In the absence of the full-time chief, those two have split the duties and continued the department in doing what we normally do," says Russell.

Sources say the list is now down to three names, two men and one woman, all who could very well become the next chief.

The university has not officially released the names of the candidates. WCTV has learned one of candidates was a former assistant chief with Clemson University's police department.

The second candidate is from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. The final candidate is a member of FSU's police department.

University officials have gone on record to say they're happy with all of the candidates and hope to make an announcement on the winner in the coming weeks.