New Military Cell Phone Rule

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Drivers beware, there's a new rule on military bases across the country.

CAPT Gary Arasin says, "People using cell phones on base will either be required to have a speaker phone set up or have an ear piece."

The Department of Defense made this change in order to keep people safer on the roads.

"It comes down to safety. Our people are our most important resource," Arasin said.

Research shows that talking on your cell phone while driving is a major distraction.

Arasin says, "This is basically to take out one of those hazards that could pose a potentially dangerous situation."

The new cell phone rule will go into affect January 15, and will be enforced on each and every Department of Defense instillation.

Arasin says, "It will be enforced through our security forces and our contractors that work the gates."

Base officials say they will start by handing out warnings, then move on to fines. Military personnel in violation of the new cell phone rule will be subject to punishment that could include losing their on-base driving privileges.