Official Records Now Online

Court records are popping up on the Internet across the state of Florida. Now, one of our local rural communities has joined in line, online.

As of January 30, the Suwannee County Clerk of Court's Office will be closing 30 minutes earlier. If you can't make it to the courthouse by 4:30, or at anytime for that matter, you can now find the county's official records on the Internet.

Sylvia Burnham, a Suwannee County resident, says, "I think it's great because some people can't get out, get around and do things. If they can go on a computer, they can find what they want, it doesn't matter."

In 2002 the Florida Legislature passed a bill requiring all clerks of court to convert most records recorded from January 1, 1990. Suwannee County's online records date back to 1983.

Kenneth Dasher, Clerk of Court in Suwannee County, says, "What's available online would be your mortgages, your deed, you marriage licenses and some court documents such as small claims, and some liens, court liens."

Family law, death certificates, military documents and probate records will not be included online. All public records will still be available at the clerk's office.

The Suwannee County clerk's office says it is working on adding records dating back to 1978.