Florida Mentoring Partnership

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings, touring schools in Florida, is announcing an initiative aimed at improving student performance. She was stopping in our area Wednesday 1/25 in Jefferson and Gadsden Counties.

Gadsden County School Superintendent Reginald James was leading the line to the sign-up sheet pledging to be a mentor.

Reginald James said, "It's about academic achievement. We're trying to get all of our students to be adequate, better than adequate readers. Reading is the key and we want our students to read proficiently."

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings joined Quincy Mayor Sherrie Taylor and other community leaders at Stewart Street Elementary School Wednesday to announce "Focus on Achievement."

This pilot program is designed to improve student performance in Florida's struggling schools through the power of mentorship.

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings, (R) Florida, says, "It's all about giving back to your community. You want to talk about civic rent? This is giving back to a community that has given you a lot. You can do more to change a child's life by giving an hour a week than anything else probably that you do. Lots of children need a little special attention."

The ultimate goal is to have a mentor for every student in each of the eight participating counties.

Sherrie Taylor, Mayor of the City of Quincy, says, "We need to make sure the quality of children that are coming along to replace us is in tact, so that's one of my main reasons."

The program involves 13 "F" schools. Jennings says with the "Focus on Achievement," they'll soon be getting "A’s."