Teen Blog Dangers

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When 21-year-old William Wightman comes home from class, he goes right to the Internet and logs on to Facebook.

“Basically when I have any down time, anytime I go on the Internet, it's probably the first thing I check instead of my mail or anything like that. Facebook is probably the first thing I check."

Facebook is one of several social networking sites becoming extremely popular among college students, teenagers, even young children. Others include Friendster and Myspace.

Patrick Madden checks his Facebook account about twice a day. He says it’s a great way to connect with people on his college campus.

"Someone you randomly meet and you don't know their name but you see 'em all the time on campus, but you never know their name but they know your name, you can check it, find out who they are, post up pictures," he said.

But with all the craze comes plenty of danger.

Just this week Mary Migliorelli cancelled her Myspace account after she says people she didn't know were stalking her.

"I was getting messages from weird guys like sending me naked pictures of themselves, so it was pretty disgusting."

FDLE computer crimes agent Mike Duffey says pedophiles can take the user’s information and use it to lure them.

“The worst case scenario would be somebody meets a child through Myspace or through another Web site and that child eventually leaves off to go run away with them and a physical or sexual abuse happens to that child, or a child is abducted and never returns home."

Law enforcement says parents should always be involved in their children’s lives, including keeping up with what they’re doing on the Internet.

As far as college students and young adults, law enforcement says use common sense; treat it as you would if you just met someone in person. Naturally, you wouldn't tell someone all of your secrets on a first date.