Lanark Village

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What's flowing through Lanark Village is change. After a special vote, residents replaced two of their water commissioners, showing it's time for a new look.

Sharon Thoman, Lanark Water and Sewer Commissioner, says, "We had several members in the community that felt like a change needed to be made out here, that we did not seem to be moving forward."

Moving forward includes cutting out the former leaders, and maybe letting the city of Carrabelle handle Lanark's water management.

New Commissioner Barbara Rohrs has worked as a beautician here, listening to the problems, and decided it's time to do something about it. She put down her scissors for the day and ran for commissioner and won.

She says her village has been tainted with boil water notices for too long. The new commissioners want a new DEP study and a look at just what it would take to let Carrabelle take over.

Barbara Rohrs, new water commissioner, says, "I've spoken with the city planner from Carrabelle and he informed me with a new board that they would be willing to have open communication with us."

She also wants more open communication with residents, which is something she says she didn't get with the former leaders. She may get that at her next meeting, so far scheduled for February 8 in Lanark Village.

New Commissioner Barbara Rohrs says she's talking with financial advisors to see if management by Carrabelle is a fiscally smart idea.