Leon County Sheriff's Deputies Catch Wanted Man

Deputies thought they were chasing a couple of burglars, but it turns out one of the men in handcuffs was wanted for murder.

Leon County deputies arrested one man on Burnt Leaf Lane but brought out dogs and helicopters to track down another.

They eventually found him in the woods. They would soon discover 35-year-old Winfred Lee was wanted for kidnapping and murder in Miami.

SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "We respond to hundred burglaries in a week's time and this was a normal burglary case. We had subjects in custody as usual. We had no idea we were dealing with someone who was wanted for first degree premeditated first-degree murder."

Lee's accused accomplice in Tuesday’s burglary is former FSU football player Clifton Dickson. There’s no word on the nature of Lee's connection to him or to Tallahassee.