ATM Bandits Get Away With More Than 60 Grand

A group of scam artists in Tallahassee may have stolen upwards of$60,000 already.

Detectives say the men are making their own ATM cards and then making illegal withdrawals.

Leon County sheriff's detectives say they created a couple of copycat Web sites and convinced bank customers to enter their account numbers and PINs.

Then they started making their own ATM cards.

DET Leslie Kitching of LCSO Financial Crimes says, "The ATM cards we think they're using have a magnetic strip like a motel key or a card that you could purchase maybe at Office Depot and they transfer the information they have onto that strip."

Kitching estimates the scam artists have visited 50 ATMs in Tallahassee, including those at Envision Credit Union and Wakulla Bank branches.

Detectives say this scam stretches as far west as Louisiana, and as far north as Canada. If you recognize any of the ATM bandits call the Leon County Sheriff's Office at 850-922-3300.