Thomasville Airport Unveils New Terminal

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Thomasville Regional Airport has come a long way from its days as a World War II training base, but officials say the airport needed a facelift.

John Wood, City Engineer for Thomasville, says, "In 2000, the airport terminal has become the train station and we realized we did not have a suitable building."

With the number of people flying into Thomasville growing, the city decided it would build a state-of-the art facility.

Airport officials say the new terminal will benefit the city in many ways, but they say its most important role will be giving visitors a great first impression of the Rose City.

Mike Woodham, manager of the Thomasville Regional Airport, says, "It's a gateway to our city. More and more people are flying now in corporate business airplanes as well as pleasure. This is the very first impression they're going to get of Thomasville/Thomas County, so we want that to be a positive impression."

Woodham says the new terminal has a lobby, pilot's lounge, flight planning room, and a conference room where folks can schedule meetings right at the airport.

It’s a first impression they hope will attract new people and businesses to the Rose City, bringing growth and prosperity. The new terminal at the Thomasville Regional Airport is dedicated to the men and women who trained and served at the Thomasville Air Field.