Building Valdosta's Community Connections

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Professors and students from Valdosta State got a chance Friday to meet with business leaders and non-profit groups.

Sharon Grabbett, event organizer, said, "We wanted to introduce our faculty, staff and students not only to the organizations on campus, but those available in the community. So, we're trying to bring the Valdosta community and VSU together."

For many local leaders, including those with Habitat for Humanity, getting a chance to make contacts in the VSU community is extremely important.

Stuart Mullis with Habitat for Humanity says, "For us at Habitat for Humanity, it’s everything. Volunteers drive our organization. We had over 1,500 volunteers last year, volunteering over 8,500 hours. So, we'll need that much this year. Actually, we'll need more."

Rhonda Brooks with South Georgia Medical Center says, "We've used volunteers from the university for different community events that we have, and it’s a good opportunity for them to get involved."

But it's not just groups looking for volunteers who need this connection to the VSU community.

Clifton Young with Sears department store says, "We want to help ensure we let them know what we're looking for as far as a prepared workforce, and hopefully that gives us a better pool of applicants to select from."

Organizers say the community fair was so beneficial for students, staff and community leaders, another is already in the works and it could eventually become an annual event.

The event was originally designed for new professors at VSU, but so many showed interest it was expanded for the entire community.