Money on the Way to Improve Madison Street in Thomasville

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The doors to Victor Mitchell's Madison Street restaurant have only been open a few days, and already he says business is good.

Mitchell's restaurant is located in an area Thomasville is targeting for a facelift now made easier with $500,000 from the fed's Transportation Enhancement Program.

Victor says, "I think it's a great opportunity for the city of Thomasville to develop this area and help the city grow."

The city says the majority of the funding will be used to make Madison Street look more like Broad Street, seemingly expanding downtown Thomasville.

Camille Payne of Thomasville City Council, District 2, says, "We're going to get rid of the power lines, the poles and the power lines. We will be closing up curb cuts that are no longer useful. We will put some more sidewalk furniture out such as the beautiful rod iron benches."

It’s a long list of projects made possible by federal money that comes as good news to local shop owners as the Rose City sets its sights on making Madison Street more appealing to the eye.

By sprucing up Madison Street’s surroundings, city officials say they hope the upgrades will help calm traffic on the road.