Computer Virus Warning

It's called the Kama Sutra Worm and it hides itself in e-mails with sexually explicit subjects. When users click on the attachments, instead of downloading dirty pictures they are infected.

The worm buries itself inside windows and is expected to go to work on February 3. Then you could possibly lose your documents, family pictures, financial statements; any file on your computer could be corrupted and erased.

Computer experts say it's not to late to protect yourself.

Gerald Thompson of Higher Eye Q PCS and Upgrades says, "Always have anitvirus software on your computer and then you always have to update no matter if it’s interrupting you while you're using you computer, update your computer. If you don't update your computer soon as a virus hits, it's gonna get you."

Experts say a good way to protect your files and sensitive data is burn your files onto a CD, DVD, or zip drive.