Tallahassee Woman Claims Jackpot

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It's the news we've all have been waiting to hear. Who won last weekend's $50 million Florida Lotto jackpot? Well, now we know! The Florida Lottery released the name Friday.

The jackpot goes to Doris Davis of Tallahassee.

Davis purchased the winning ticket at Maxwell's Grocery in Tallahassee. She says she was in total shock when she read the winning numbers out of the Tallahassee Democrat Sunday night.

Davis claimed her jackpot quietly and without fanfare at the Tallahassee Lottery headquarters. Davis opted for the lump sum payment, taking home just over $30 million.

She says she plans to purchase a new home and set up a trust fund for her children and grandchildren. She went on to say that she feels truly blessed. She's worked hard since she was nine years old and with this jackpot she hopes her family will never have to struggle the way she did.