Millions in Research Funding Headed to Florida's Public Universities

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The chancellor of Florida's State University system announced this week Florida's public universities will receive more than $90 million from Congress.

Florida State University is set to receive more than $11 million of that.

"2005 was a very difficult year for Congress with all of the budget pressures of the storm, hurricanes, what's going on in the Middle East. The Congress did a very good job for FSU this year," says Ray Bye, Director of FSU's Federal Regulations and Economics Division.

Most of FSU's funding is earmarked for research in climate forecasting. A smaller allotment is going toward the development of a juvenile justice program.

Meanwhile, Florida A&M University is set to receive close to $8 million.

"When Florida A&M University receives this type of investment, it is an excellent opportunity to highlight the achievements of our faculty members," says Keith Jackson, FAMU's vice president for research.

Most of FAMU's funding is going toward finding innovative ways of conserving energy.

In addition to the 90 million in research dollars, Florida's 11 public universities will also receive more than $30 million in congressionally sponsored grants.

For the sixth year in a row, the state university system received funding for its system-wide anti-terrorism research project, which means advances in chemical, biological and rapid response work.