Paying for Prescription Drugs

Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt met with officials at the Florida Pharmacy Association at their headquarters in Tallahassee. He admits there have been some major problems with the new prescription system, but Leavitt says things will get easier and pharmacists agree.

Robert Wilson, a Pensacola pharmacist, says, “Things are gonna get better and we are going to continue to serve these patients and provide them their much-needed medication. There is a lot of hope for people who have never had coverage before and that’s exciting. Notwithstanding the problems we’ve had with some of the categories of patients, but we will work through those.”

Gov. Jeb Bush signed an executive order Thursday to begin paying for drugs for as many as 100,000 people who used to get them for free from through Florida's Medicaid program but were switched to the new federal plan on January 1.

Secretary Leavitt says the state will be reimbursed by the feds once the dust has settled and the program is running smoothly.