Leon County Bus Riders Buckle Up for Safety

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Every afternoon Deletta Starke greets her son Jeffrey as he gets off the school bus. Jeffrey’s is one of 67 in Leon County equipped with seat belts.

"That's good to keep them fastened in, in case they be in a wreck or something so they won't be all over the place," said Starke. "It's better to be safe than sorry."

Second grader Samantha Edgar rides one of the newer buses in Leon County which has lap belts.

"For safety, so that if we get in a wreck we won't get hurt as much."

The fatal accident involving a school bus in Union County this week brings to light rider safety. Rep. Irv Slosberg is sponsoring legislation requiring school districts to install three point safety belts on all buses.

Leon County's newest buses have lap belts and four point belts for pre-k and kindergartners.

Rep. Slosberg says, "I had a bill last year that my transportation committee voted 10 to two against me to kill the bill, which is kinda shocking. How many more kids have to get ejected and die from these school bus accidents before we as the Florida legislator are going to do the right thing?" said Slosberg.

Slosberg says 80 percent of the state's school buses don't have any seat belts. Leon County is among the other 20 percent that has lap belts.

Still though, Slosberg points out that cars have belts that go across the chest and lap, and kids on buses should get the same protection.