New College Opportunities for Florida Residents

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Mischa Franklin lives in Florida, but when it came time to choose a college she decided to commute to Georgia.

Mischa says, "I love Monticello. I live on a farm. Actually, I'd always hear of Southwest Georgia Technical College and my advisor was very informative about the program, and I knew it was for me."

Franklin says the commute isn't bad and one of the benefits is that she pays in-state tuition even though she's a Florida resident.

Dr. Annie McElroy, Director of Instruction, says, "All of the counties in Florida that are contiguous with us, they pay the same tuition as if they're in state."

Phyllis Gibbons lives in Tallahassee but chose to study at Southwest Georgia Tech because she says it is more convenient.

Phyllis says, "For me the traffic is light and then the classes here, the class size, they're convenient. It's personalized, like I said. The teachers are outstanding. You can get that special attention when you need it."

Dr. McElroy adds, "A win-win for the student. We love to have them and they're aced out because they pay less tuition than they would in Florida."

Once they graduate, Franklin says she would like to work in Tallahassee and Gibbons says she's looking at staying in Thomasville, but wherever they end up they say their decision to cross the state line made a difference in their education.

Officials at Southwest Georgia Technical College say the in-state tuition break is given at all Georgia technical colleges to students living in counties that border the state.