Possible Consolidation

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For years schools in Lowndes County have fallen under one of two different systems.

There's the Lowndes County school system and the Valdosta City school system, but there's talk of doing away with the two separate systems and creating a more inclusive county school system.

The talk of consolidation sparks many questions, especially with educators.

S.L. Mason Principal John Davis says, "My main concern is that we get together with the city system and the county and lay it all out on the table what is all involved with consolidation."

Teacher Julie Hiers says, "I think a lot of the parents, as well as the teachers and educators are just waiting on information. We just don't know a lot of information yet."

Though residents have plenty of questions and many different opinions, most educators agree that the children should always be the main focus.

Hiers says, "As an educator, bottom line is I want what's best for the students, and if consolidation is what we need to do, then I support it 100 percent."

The school systems have not made any decisions so far. Officials say they plan to more research the topic this month and go from there.

We will, of course, keep you updated on any decisions the school systems make in the months to come.