Math Grant

The school is using the funding to get the necessary tools to help students succeed academically.

The students at Madison County Excel School are learning math from a computer-generated program, and they're also getting individualized help from their instructor, a recipe school officials hope will eventually add up to success.

Madison Excel Principal Maceo Howell, Jr., says, "Students need that technology and teachers need to be prepared to teach them the things they need in order to pass the FCAT, and by us being a second time ‘F’ school, we need all we can in order to be on the level as everyone else. We're really behind here."

And to help students get in the forefront of academics, Madison County school officials acquired a $75,000 grant from the Department of Education. The funding will be used to implement computer programs, turning this failing school into a passing one.

Dr. James Brown, the math coach, says, "We have a math grant that helps us to get the basic software program that's geared towards slow learners, giving basic skills to those learners so they will be able to handle the greater tasks like algebra, geometry and trigonometry."

They are subjects that will help these students excel on the upcoming FCAT and in their academic career.

The math software used at Madison Excel School offers curriculum-based instructions that will help students do well on the FCAT.