Boy Goes Home With New Legs

A seven-year-old boy boarded a plane in Tallahassee Monday morning bound for his home in the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent.

Devin Richards has some very special souvenirs in tow, definitely not the usual t-shirts and Mickey Mouse fare from Florida!

Devin came to Tallahassee in October to get his first pair of prosthetic legs and his first ever pair of Nikes.

Devin was born with deformed legs and walked all of his life on his knees until a Perry doctor spotted him on a mission trip and brought him to Tallahassee for free surgery and physical therapy.

Rudy Simmons, Devin's mother, was asked, "What's going through your mind as you actually see him taking those steps?"

She said, "Sometimes I don't think about it. I just love to see him walk."

Ty Pursell, part of the host family, said, "Each achievement and each goal that he has for himself to be able to get there and just to things, it's been amazing for him and for our family to watch."

Devin and his mother Rudy boarded a plane bound for home early Monday morning with tears all around.

Devin has been practicing walking for the past month and he'll have to get even better to cope with the hilly terrain back home.