Tallahassee Police Urge Drivers to Buckle Up

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High speeds and wet roads may have been behind an early afternoon crash in Tallahassee.

Traffic investigators say the driver of the Lumina may have been going too fast for the road conditions. He crossed the center line and hit a wrecker truck head-on.

Police say the driver of the Lumina was transported to Tallahassee Memorial with severe head wounds. He was not wearing his seat belt.

SGT Steve Gauding with the Tallahassee Police Department Traffic Unit says, "An airbag, in this case the vehicle was not equipped with an airbag. An airbag is a secondary restraining device to work with your seat belt. You've got to wear your seat belt and not drink and drive. Those are the big three."

The accident happened near the same curve on San Luis where two men were killed last month. They were also not wearing their seat belts.