Teen Report: Black History Month

Yusuf Shakir is an African-American history teacher at Lincoln High School. He believes the importance of Black History Month is to inform students of the contributions of African-Americans to our society.

Yusuf says, "We focus on the history part of it and what has it done for American society, how has it changed American society, and what influences it had on their lives and also everybody else's day-to-day lives."

Alex Henderson, a Lincoln junior and member of Shakir's history class, says she is proud of her African-American heritage, and celebrates it year round.

Alex says, "It seems like the only time they really talk about black history is during the month of February, and I think that they should also include us in American history because we're African-Americans."

And many agree with her.

Shakir says, "I think it's very important for students to know and understand what these people contributed to society. They need to know and understand these people were living while they were living. They weren't like idols and real separate from them, but they were just everyday people who decided to take a stand against wrongdoings and for humanity of their basic rights."

With the deaths of two civil rights leaders within the past few months, the discussion of black history in schools may be more important than ever. Next month Americans will celebrate Women's History Month.