Guilty Verdict in Tallahassee Murder Trial

Robert Matthews was accused of robbing and killing his roommate, Corvin Harrison, back in September 2004. The jury found Matthews guilty of all three counts he faced, including a charge of first degree murder. That charge carries a minimum sentence of life in prison.

It took the jury more than three and a half hours to come up with the verdicts. Matthews sat in the courtroom stone faced as the verdicts we're being read. Family and friends of the victim, Corvin Harrison, also in court Thursday, many of them overcome with emotion.

The victim's mother now hopes to move on after her son was killed in September of 2004.

Because of that minimum sentence, the judge decided to go ahead and sentence Matthews to life in prison without parole.

Matthews did speak before the court after the verdict came in. He said he was sorry to the victim's mother for the loss of her son, but then he added he was not guilty of the crime.