Judge Orders Release of Boot Camp Death Tape

Dr. Charles Siebert says 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson suffered complications caused by sickle cell trait, but the U.S. attorney's office has now entered the investigation.

The U.S. attorney for the northern district of Florida has opened a federal probe into whether 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson’s civil rights were violated by guards at a Bay County boot camp. The probe had been sought by the NAACP.

The boot camp is located in the hometown of House Speaker Allan Bense. After a day-long hearing Wednesday in which juvenile justice officials were called on the carpet, the House speaker says it’s now up to DJJ to prove all of the boot camps should remain open.

Allan Bense said, “Clearly there’s a problem. I haven’t seen the video of the young man and my heart goes out to his family, but apparently it’s not a pretty sight.”

Benjamin Crump, attorney, said, “From the parents’ perspective, right now, release the videotape. We can see for ourselves. We understand you’re doing an investigation, but the videotape, one way or another, won’t change that whether it is released now or after the investigation is concluded.”

By Friday we should all know what is on that tape. FDLE had until 5 p.m. Thursday to file paperwork with the court saying they would fight the release of the tape. An FDLE spokesman now says the tape will be released at a news conference in Pensacola sometime Friday morning with copies being made available to reporters here in Tallahassee.

The family is holding a news conference at 10:30, so presumably they'll see it earlier than that.