Valdosta State University Survey

Valdosta State University is getting some high remarks. This time the praise is coming from the students. The 2005 National Survey of Student Engagement reveals good news for Valdosta State University.

The nationwide survey found that 88 percent of freshmen and seniors questioned rate their educational experience as "good" or "excellent."

Many students agree that VSU is more personal then bigger universities, and smaller class sizes allow for a better learning environment.

Jessica Hardin, a senior at VSU, says, "Georgia was my other choice, but it was too big and I wanted a school that was much smaller."

Jessica Williams, also a senior at VSU, says, "We have some really good teachers here, really good teachers who are really concerned about you learning."

While most the students we spoke with at VSU say they love their school, there is one thing some freshmen say that needs improvement.

Michael Ray, a freshman at VSU, says, "My biggest concern is the visitation policy. It's just really, really strict."

Dormitory issues seem to be the biggest complaint by freshmen. Some seniors say keeping up with technology is also an issue.

Williams says, "I think with every school they can improve on different things. Technology, technology continues to grow."

Ray says, "I think this is the best option for me. It's far enough away from home so I get to grow up, but the same time it's a great school."

Many students are so happy with their experience at VSU they say if they had to do it all over again, they'd still be a Blazer.

Valdosta State University's President Ronald Zaccari agrees with the results, saying VSU is committed to creating a meaningful teaching and learning experience, but there is always room for improvement.