Doctor Arrested for Prescription Fraud

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A Tallahassee doctor is out of the office and in jail after officers say he fraudulently filled a plethora of prescriptions.

"He had somebody he was acquainted with that he was writing prescriptions for the purpose of going to various pharmacies around the area to fill these prescriptions, getting the drugs and then turning them back over to him," said Phil Kiracofe with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Investigators say since July of 2004, neurologist Edmund Molis illegally obtained more than 5,300 pills. The faulty prescriptions include hydrocodone, xanax and provigil. All were used without a medical necessity.

"He's been charged with 87 different felony cases; 84 are obtaining prescriptions drugs by fraud. We certainly see prescription drug fraud very, very often. It's a big problem."

The lady friend who filled the prescriptions at local pharmacies is not being charged. Investigators say they expect to use her as a witness.