Higher Education Hot Topic for Gov. Bush

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The governor's supplemental budget plan asks for an extra $36 million for state universities.

This is the largest increase in the history of the Needs Based Florida Student Assistance Grant Program. With approval Florida will provide 135 million in financial aid to help some $117,000 Florida students attend college.

"Students who work hard and prepare for higher education need to know that the doors of our colleges and universities will be open to them, regardless of their background or bank accounts,” says Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"This $36 million increase in needs based aid is coming at a perfect time. I hope the Legislature will respond positively so we can provide greater access to higher education to kids who are qualified and who have economic need," says Florida Education Commissioner John Winn.

Gov. Bush and Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings recently announced their access and diversity initiative to provide more than $52 million in incentives for traditionally underrepresented students seeking an education in Florida's state university system.