Zoning Commission Votes "No"

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Tony Harris's family has lived in the Magnolia School neighborhood for about 30 years.

Tony says, "I was glad that they denied bringing that boarding school here."

Thomasville's planning and zoning commission voted against a rezoning request from two South Carolina men seeking to transform Magnolia School into a teen boarding school.

Harris says, "There's a lot of older people that stay in the neighborhood and they ain't too familiar with new surroundings. They're used to the older group that's around here."

With the fate of this campus hanging in the balance, residents had many worries about who would be moving in next door, and members of the city's planning and zoning board shared those same concerns.

Julie Anderson of the Thomasville Zoning Commission says, "Our purpose is to make sure that we protect those, and also we are concerned about community livability and we want everyone to have a safe place to live and we were concerned about the welfare of all of our citizens."

While the commission's decision is only a recommendation to the city council, residents like Tony Harris say it's a good start for their zoning battle.

The zoning proposal will now go before the Thomasville City Council at a meeting next week.