Stolen Goodwill Truck Tracked Down

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A stolen Goodwill truck is found two days after it was reported missing.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office says a Tallahassee man came home Tuesday night to find the truck backed up to his house and a man loading it up with all of his tools and welding equipment.

It was not a scheduled donation. He scared off the suspect and called deputies. The suspect was tracked down by the K-9 teams a few hours later and arrested.

Goodwill employees say they're fed up with people helping themselves to their property, saying it happens at least a few times a week.

Lisa Land, Vice President of Goodwill Support Services says, "People just break in our buildings, tearing the place up, taking whatever they would like, and it's a serious problem that we have all the time."

Forty-four-year-old James Stevens, Jr. is charged with burglary and grand theft auto.