Tallahassee Commissioners to Consider Utility Base Rate Increases

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Utility bills are on the rise again. It's not the costs of fuel. This time it's the cost to keep the utility system going.

Tallahassee city commissioners will consider a base rate increase for electric, water and sewer Wednesday night

If approved, customers can expect an average monthly increase of more than $11.

Officials say it's been more than a decade since the city has raised its base rates.

Reese Goad, Tallahassee Utility Accounting Administrator, says, "The motive is to cover the costs to maintain a reliable system, but we do recognize that energy costs both locally and nationally are at all time highs, really because of that the commission will consider numerous options."

Some of those options include phasing in the increase over a number of years or even a conservation rate. The more you use, the higher the rate.