Burglars Target Thomas County Churches

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The pastors at Victory Fellowship Church say they never expected their kid zone to be ransacked by thieves.

Sam Nunnally, Pastor, says, "Whoever had come in had rifled through most of the kids’ games and toys and such and that was disappointing to see."

Investigators say the churches that have been hit have two things in common: they're all located in the same area and they're all easy targets.

INV Jason Shoudel of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office says, "It seems to be crimes of opportunity, stealing the items of opportunity in the churches. Most of the churches don't keep a lot of money in them, but the little they keep is being stolen."

Investigators say in some of the churches the burglars swiped electronics and instruments, but regardless of the crime, some of the victims have already excused the behavior.

Larry Nunnally adds, "We forgave them. We've been praying for them and we hope they make a decision to turn their life around."

But for these burglars they still have to answer to the law. Anyone with information on the church burglaries is asked to contact investigators at the Thomas County Sheriff's Office at 229-225-3315.