Flamingo Fundraiser

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Pink flamingos are flocking to lawns all over Thomas County.

Jean Smith of the Singletary Oncology Center says, "We put a flamingo in your yard by request and we put a note that says you've been flocked and by whom."

Smith says each flamingo represents a donation and the hope is to spread the flamingos from one end of the county to the other.

Susan Holland was happy to see a group of flamingos migrate to her lawn.

Susan says, "I do not know anybody personally that has not been touched by a friend, relative, family member who has not had some exposure to cancer related problems."

Jean Smith adds, "To me it's extremely personal because I work with cancer patients everyday, and eight years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, so I am a survivor as well."

As the flamingos travel from lawn to lawn the goal is to raise $100,000 for the Relay for Life program, money organizers say will help local cancer patients.

Steve Black of the Singletary Oncology Center says, "A lot of people think that it just goes to the National Organization of the American Cancer Society, but some of the money does filter back to Thomasville, and that's why we're so enthusiastic to be participating in this event."

It’s a flamingo invasion bringing the community together for the fight against cancer. To participate in the flamingo fundraiser, call 229-228-2977.