Red Hills Horse Trials: A Family Tradition

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You may think the Red Hills Horse Trials are just about the horses, their riders and other equestrian professionals, but the majority of folks at the three-day event seem to be area families, and many of them say it's become an annual family tradition.

"I have the whole crew over there, nieces and sister and husband and brother-in-law," says Debbie Foster Shile holding her new grandchild.

Debbie Foster says she and her extended family have gathered for the Red Hills Horse Trials for the past seven years.

"We enjoy coming out here to the nice weather and enjoying the jumps, the horses and getting everybody together," explains Foster.

"The facilities out here are really family friendly. The cross country course with the different jumps and everything is really nice and the food that they have out here and they also have a lot of kid facilities and pony rides," adds Anthony Conticello and his three young daughters.

Anthony Conticello and his family have been coming to the Red Hills Horse Trials since he moved to Tallahassee in 2001. He says his daughters talk about the activities at the horse trials all year.

"One of their most favorite things to do, we always get the horse trial shirts and stuff and they remember this time of year," says Conticello.

So whether it's because of the thrill of the competition or just the opportunity to horse around together, families are crowding into this signature Tallahassee event.

The Red Hills Horse Trials continued Sunday morning with the final competition of stadium jumping, and award presentations began in the afternoon.