Open Church Services

In a world that is constantly changing, religion is one thing many people won't budge on, but one Tallahassee church says it's changing with the times.

St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Tallahassee prides itself on being a welcoming congregation. For years the church has taken part in a program called "Reconciling in Christ," a program that opens the doors to everyone, including people with different sexual orientations and gender identities.

Pam Wellons is the pastor at St. Stephen Lutheran Church and says, "The congregation is a whole mix of all people, all ages, children, senior citizens and all children of God. That's who we are."

Val Sullivan with St. Stephen Lutheran Church says, "It is always important for us to say no, you are welcome, our doors are open. We accept you as God created you, come on in."

St. Stephen became an official church in the 50s. Some member say it saddens them to see followers shunned because of their sexual orientation.