Second Autopsy for Martin Lee Anderson

Monday the body of 14-year-old Martin Anderson will undergo a second autopsy.

Anderson died just a few hours after he had been admitted to a Bay County juvenile boot camp. Anderson's parents agreed to allow the exhumation and a second autopsy after a prosecutor from Tampa requested it as part of the investigation into the boy’s death.

Parts of the boot camp video were released, causing emotions to run high. Some residents weigh in on the second autopsy.

John Vischof, a Tallahassee resident, says, "I'm glad they're having it because the first time around it sounded as though it was done perhaps quickly, and just the way it happened and with the footage that they had of it, just seems the right choice."

Shirley Jones says, "It hurts because I have kids myself, and to see a child get beaten like that, I don't think that's fair."

Anderson was buried January 14, one day before his birthday. His body was exhumed Friday from the Redwood Cemetery in Panama City.