Church Burglars Caught

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For weeks they targeted churches across north Thomas County. Now, investigators say they've nabbed their men, or make that kids, two juveniles ages 15 and 16. News of the arrests comes as a relief to leaders at Victory Fellowship Church.

Sam Nunnally, the associate pastor at Victory Fellowship, says, "It's wonderful, it's great news to hear. It's certainly refreshing to see our local law enforcement do such a good job, definite testimony to their efficiency."

Investigators say it's not over yet.

INV Pascal Autry of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office says, "We're looking actively for a couple other people that's going to be involved, so we do anticipate a couple other arrests here shortly."

Investigators say the suspects hit six churches searching for cash. When that didn't turn up, investigators say the teens swiped video games and music instruments instead.

INV Autry adds, "It's a pleasure for us to stop this before it happened anymore."

As the justice system takes over, leaders at one church already offer forgiveness.

Associated Pastor Sam Nunnally says, "There's obviously time for them to rethink their decisions and hopefully live a better life in the future."

But first the suspects must deal with the present, which for them includes felony burglary charges, and a stay at a Thomas County jail. Thomas County sheriff's investigators say they were able to recover much of the stolen property, and say they'll soon return to their rightful owners.