Troops Take Control of Baghdad

American troops rolled into the center of downtown Baghdad and helped Iraqis tear down a statue of Saddam Hussein.

Then Iraqis proceeded to drag the head of that statue through the streets of the city. Some see it as a sign that the war will soon be over. Others warn, not so fast.

Iraqis took turns, sometimes fighting for a chance to take a swing at a 40-foot statue of Saddam Hussein.

Then U.S. soldiers, with the help of a tank, pulled the statue of its perch.

As Gov. Jeb Bush saluted Florida soldiers and their families at the capitol Wednesday, he heralded at least Saddam's symbolic demise. "My belief is once the Iraqi regime begins to crumble, I think the Iraqi people will begin to celebrate that." Said Bush.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called the scene in Baghdad historic and breathtaking.