History Relieved in Gadsden County

Students are heading to Little Rock, Arkansas visiting historical places and talking to one of the Little Rock Nine.

Joanie Bradwell is a history teacher at George Munroe Elementary in Gadsden County, who's taking her students on a journey into the past to learn how the city of Little Rock, Arkansas made plans to desegregate its public schools back in the 1960's.

Joanie Bradwell says, "I hope it will be educational, that they would learn something about history and also I want it to be educational and fun and exciting. I hope they would learn the importance of history.”

This important piece of history has resonated with millions of Americans as to the importance of desegregation, and so far the students are looking forward to the educational adventure.

Misael Rogue, a George Munroe student, says, "I want to learn from Arkansas so I can learn from the past of what people did and everything else."

The students will learn from the past, getting firsthand knowledge from one of the former Little Rock Nine students.

Tiara Murray adds, "I'm hoping to learn about one of the Little Rock Nine and her experience that she had."

In addition to meeting one of the individuals who witnessed history in the making, the kids will visit historic locations, including the Clinton Museum.

Forty kids and seven chaperones will make the trip to Arkansas this Sunday.