Iraqi Pharmacist Speaks Out on Health Conditions in Baghdad

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Iraqi pharmacist Entisar Ariabi is a married mother of six. She's in America speaking out about the state of health care in Baghdad, which she says is horrible.

(Translated) “Because of the war, we get a lot of wounded people, so I have firsthand experience with the war in this capacity," expresses Ariabi, who says besides dealing with contaminated water, the rate of hepatitis and polio is on the rise.

"No adequate water, no sanitation, electricity for one hour of the day. Inadequate education, lack of medical supplies, and health care is a tragedy," says Rae Abileah with Code Pink: Women for Peace.

(Translated) "I wish the war would end soon. It is only going to end by having the occupiers leave the country as soon as possible," says Dr. Ariabi, a Sunni Muslim who is speaking in the U.S. with four other Iraqi women.

The hope is that their stories will bring peace and restoration to the war torn region.

The Iraqi women were brought here by Global Exchange, an international human rights organization, and Code Pink: Women for Peace.