Thomas County Fourth Graders Raise Money for Cancer

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Major Fisher recently lost his mom to breast cancer, and his classmates shared his pain.

Treyveon Powell, a fourth grader at Cross Creek Elementary, says, "When Major's mom passed I knew how it felt because I lost my father when I was three."

Chris Jones, a fourth grader, adds, "He's one of my close friends and I felt sorry for him."

As a class they brainstormed and came up with a way to honor Major's mom and help the thousands of people diagnosed with cancer each year.

Shea Lyons, another fourth grader, says, "It was real sad when Major's mother died, so we just ran for him, and that's what we did."

The class enlisted the help of friends, family and neighbors and raised money for every lap they ran in honor of their classmate.

Angela Hutchings, a fourth grade teacher, says, "It's been a wonderful thing to watch eight, nine, and 10-year-old children be compassionate for their friend, for their classmate, just to really feel the pain and hurt he's going through."

Shea Lyons says, "We raised $783, and this whole class helped, and I'm really thankful that we raised that much money to help other people."

And although no one can bring back Major's mom, the money his classmates raised will go towards helping other people suffering from cancer.

It’s a gesture their teacher says has been unbelievable to watch. "Relay for Life" will take place this May in Thomas County.