Boot Camp Teen Autopsy Debate

Martin Lee Anderson's family says digging up his body for a second autopsy was worth the pain after their hand-picked pathologist joined a state medical examiner for a grueling 12 hour autopsy on Monday.

"We all agree that he did not die of sickle trait and the second point is, we all agree Martin did not die of natural causes."

That flies in the face of the original autopsy conducted by the Bay County medical examiner who ruled Anderson died of complications from the sickle cell trait and not from being kicked and punched by guards. Dr. Charles Seibert attended the second autopsy too, but did not face the cameras.

"I think he made a mistake. I don't know what kind of pressures were on him to make a mistake. Mr. Ober will look into that."

Special Prosecutor Mark Ober did not comment on the second autopsy, but a spokeswoman in his office confirms the teen did not die of natural causes. What that means in terms of the state's liability or the possibility of criminal charges has yet to be seen.

It could take several weeks for the state medical examiner to issue his official autopsy report, which will include the exact cause of death. And Ober's office says it could take months before the entire investigation is complete.