Local Man Donates Large Generator to Hospice House in Memory of Wife

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Friends and family of Carol Jaffe gathered to remember her life at a dedication ceremony Saturday afternoon at the Big Bend Hospice House.

Carol Jaffe had been a hospice nurse and later a patient of the facility for those who are terminally ill. While she was a patient there in 2004, the power went out for a short time.

Carol Jaffe's husband Reid Jaffe explains, "The emergency generator that hospice had fired up as it should, but it only powered up the peripheral lighting. It did not power the central air conditioning."

Reid Jaffe says after his wife passed away later that year, he decided to donate a 75 kilowatt generator to the hospice house for caring for her so well during her last weeks of life.

"Having this generator assures that during a time when you want to concentrate on family and friends and saying goodbyes and doing what you wish to do during your final days, weeks and months that you don't have to worry about a Tallahassee thunderstorm or a hurricane knocking out your power," says Diane Tomasi, the chief development officer at Hospice House.

The large capacity generator comes a few months before the 2006 hurricane season. Hopefully giving patients and employees peace of mind at a time when time is of the essence.

Reid Jaffe says the estimated worth of the generator is about $50,000.