Group to Africa

A group from Tallahassee is packing up some of their belongings and heading to Africa for a unique mission. Last year the group went to Kenya setting up a Christian radio station.

This year, they're headed back with more equipment. The goal is to reach eight million Africans via the radio. The group also plans to stop at a refugee camp bringing supplies to those less fortunate.

Scott Beigle, the president of Faith Radio, says, "Our listeners here have given probably in the last year and a half $200,000 to help the people in Africa. We don't want anything in return; we just want to help those people."

Harold Thurmond is headed to Africa and says, "I'm just looking forward to it. When I come back I know I'll have a deeper appreciation of what we have here in the U.S."

About 20 people will be traveling abroad for the two week mission. For some this is their first experience.