Lawsuit at the Leon Juvenile Center

The lawyer for the teen says the boy was raped while being detained the Leon County Juvenile Detention Center. The attorney is asking for justice and for monetary compensation from the agency.

The attorney for a mentally challenged teenager filed a lawsuit Friday. He claims his client was sexually abused at the hands of another detainee at the Leon Regional Juvenile Detention Center between May and June of 2005.

Attorney Michael Rayne says, "There were other youths there at least 13 who witnessed the young man accused of raping the four-year-old girl bathing and in close contact in the young man in question here and also in his room."

Rayne claims in the suit that Lee Donton, who police say had a prior sex offense against him, got into the teen's room and sexually assaulted him on several different occasions.

In the suit the attorney claims his client, who has the IQ of a 13-month-old child, was raped repeatedly and no one did anything to help.

Rayne adds, "We believe there are missing video tapes that will verify in the day of question that DJJ staff allowed the man accused of sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl to enter into his room, and those tapes are subsequently missing."

Eyewitness News spoke to Cynthia Lorenzo, the spokeswoman for the Department of Juvenile Justice. She says the agency will not comment on pending lawsuits.

This was the same sex scandal that in November of last year resulted in six people being fired and five others disciplined.